Shipping your goods securely and safely is important to you and to us. Having pallets when you need them is equally critical.

We want to meet your needs for wooden pallets and boxes.

Do you have existing pallets that work for you? Click the image at right and send us the measurements. We'll respond promptly with a quote.

Send us your specifications
Custom boxes loaded for shipping.

Do you need something special to accommodate an odd shape? We build every pallet and box to order, whether you specify your needs or we design it for you.




These custom boxes, all for one customer, happened to be on the truck for delivery the day the photographer showed up.
  • We have built pallets up to 120 X 100 inches and can build them larger if needed.We have built pallets as small as 20 X 24 inches, too.
  • We'll build you a single box for a special order or as many as you need for a production run.
  • We make high-quality pallets, from full-dimension hardwood lumber and meeting all shipping requirements, delivered when you need them, at a competitive price.
Our heat treating unit for ensuring vermin-free wood.
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